Development environment setup

Idan Freiberg speidy at
Mon Feb 26 14:24:00 EST 2018

Yes. I have a setup of MIT Kerberos client only for now and MS active
directory for KDC.

בתאריך יום ב׳, 26 בפבר׳ 2018 ב-21:21 מאת Robbie Harwood <rharwood at

> Idan Freiberg <speidy at> writes:
> > Robbie, I have an experience with both of the apis.  U2U RFC is
> > already implemented by MS Both in Kerberos client and KDC.  I want to
> > make MIT Kerberos interoperable with it as well.
> Well, if you want MIT to interoperate, that means you need to set up
> MIT (unless I misunderstand)?
> Thanks,
> --Robbie
Idan Freiberg

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