Question about aname_do_match behavior on invalid patten

Eric Diven ebd2.github at
Tue Jan 24 11:19:21 EST 2017

Incidentally, this is consistent with aname_replacer(); do_replacement()
returns KRB5_LNAME_NOTRANS when regcomp() returns a non-zero result as
well. I suppose I have the same question about the behavior there as well.



On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 6:15 PM, Eric Diven <ebd2.github at> wrote:

> I'm porting the localauth_rule code to java for the Presto database
> project, and I was curious about the design decision behind
> aname_do_match's behavior when a rule contains an invalid pattern.
> When regcomp returns a non-zero result, aname_do_match returns
> KRB5_LNAME_NOTRANS. This seems like odd behavior for what appears to be an
> error in the krb5.conf file. Can somebody please explain the rationale
> behind this?
> The code I've written follows the behavior in Kerberos 5 1.15, but I'd
> like to be sure I understand what I'm porting so I don't do something wrong.
> I have searched the bug tracker and the mailing list archives, and I
> haven't found any references to aname_do_match.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> My code (in draft form) here:

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