preauth pkinit

Mahe mahe.netsec at
Wed Feb 8 12:22:33 EST 2017

Hello Kerberos Dev team,

I'm very interesting to Kerberos authentication system.
In recent days, I investigated krb5 + preauth (pkinit) module. I checked 
working of pkinit on Linux.
Now I'm going to see the working of pkinit on Windows as well.
But It seems like pkinit module on windows wasn't developed yet in my 
Could you please let me know about the pkinit on Windows?

Additionally, I built pkinit.dll based on the krb5 src code on Windows, 
but there are so many changes from the master branch on git project.
And right now I can't use the pkinit.dll, because the krb ticket manager 
doesn't include the such GUI interface.
I'm gonig to join the pkinit module for windows if you agree it.
What do you think?

Could you please let me know the result as soon as possible?

Best regards,


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