pkinit plugin logic in pkinit_srv.c

Craig Huckabee craig.huckabee at
Thu Aug 24 09:39:22 EDT 2017

While running some tests with the latest development builds, I noticed that the plugin test logic in pkinit_srv.c might be flawed.  The comment in the plugin check codes says:

     * Check the certificate against each certauth module.  For the certificate
     * to be authorized at least one module must return 0, and no module can an
     * error code other than KRB5_PLUGIN_NO_HANDLE (pass).  Add indicators from
     * modules that return 0 or pass.

but that’s not really true as each plugin returns KRB5KDC_ERR_CLIENT_NAME_MISMATCH when a match is not found.  This means the first plugin that fails kicks out of that loop and no other checks are performed.  I noticed this specifically because we were testing with certs that need the dbmatch module to work but it was never being called.

Attached is a small patch that allows KRB5KDC_ERR_CLIENT_NAME_MISMATCH to be ignored and that will jump out of the loop on the first accepted match.


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