create custom context without krb5.conf files

hacker win7 hackerswin7 at
Wed Apr 26 04:06:56 EDT 2017

I need to load kerberos configuration without loading krb5.conf or any
other files, and I want to use kerberos api to load the configuration from
my application code.
after read the resources below:
--- krb5 sources: krb5.h, kinit.c, init_ctx.c and prof_int.c etc.

The profile_init_vtable and krb5_init_context_profile is key to my
problem.However, my running environment only support the highest version of
 krb5-libs or krb5-devel is 1.10, so, when I compile my application which
link the krb5-libs will throw the info compiler cannot find the

Is there other solutions to solve this problem in my running environment

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