Kerberos transport DNS record design

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Sat May 28 02:23:28 EDT 2016

On 05/26/2016 04:45 PM, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> Would MIT consider it sufficient to do a secondary lookup in
> this case? A secondary record could have the same format as the primary
> record. The cost for this is, of course, a secondary lookup. However,
> this only happens in the failure case.

We talked about this a bit on IRC.  For archival:

* Doing a second lookup for master KDCs is somewhat easier to implement
because that's how the code inside locate_kdc.c works for other
information sources.  However:

* Currently, we do the master lookup on success as well as failure
(  Fixing this is
moderately difficult, requiring changes to the krb5_sendto_kdc() and
k5_get_init_creds() contracts.  Unless this is fixed, and if we use a
separate lookup for master KDCs, the TXT record feature adds two new DNS
queries for most KDC lookups instead of just one, in realms where TXT
records aren't yet deployed.

* Many realms don't have master KDCs.  Representing the absence of
master KDCs with an NXDOMAIN response poses some minor issues: it would
trigger a fallback to SRV lookups unless we take steps to avoid that)
and the TTL for NXDOMAIN caching is global to a DNS zone.  Nico notes
that we could allow an empty TXT record to represent the absence of
master KDCs to avoid these issues.

Including master KDCs in the normal KDC RR set could be done by adding
an alphabetical flags field to the TXT record format, where the 'M' flag
indicates a master KDC entry.  If we do this, we can store an is_master
value in each struct server_entry, and k5_kdc_is_master() can use that
value to avoid doing the master KDC lookup.  We would wind up repeating
the query for the TXT record if we actually do fall back (assuming no
fix for #7721), but we can hope that record is cached by a local resolver.

> 1. Implement all the record names that MIT already supports as TXT.
> Using exactly the same semantics that MIT already implements (i.e.
> ignoring the weight parameter).

I don't think we need to implement or document krb524 lookups; that's a
vestige.  We should be able remove those references from locate_kdc.c
and add a comment in locate_plugin.h that locate_service_krb524 will
never be queried in recent versions.

> 2. Make the format of the TXT record:
>     priority:weight:udp:host[:port]
>     priority:weight:tcp:host[:port]
>     priority:weight:tls:host[:port]
>     priority:weight:kkdcp:http://host[:port][/path]
>     priority:weight:kkdcp:https://host[:port][/path]
> This is isomorphic with the URI record with the exception of a missing
> scheme, which could be added later should the desire to use URI emerge.
> It also avoids the problem of defining a URI scheme now. I think we can
> get away with this by noting that this format isn't technically a URI
> even though it closely resembles one.

+1 except that I currently favor adding a flags field to indicate master
KDC records.

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