Kerberos transport DNS record design

Matt Rogers mrogers at
Thu May 26 11:28:11 EDT 2016

On 05/26, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> On Wed, 2016-05-25 at 17:48 -0400, Greg Hudson wrote:
> > * Do we want to make our payload isomorphic to the URI payload, in
> >   anticipation of migrating to the URI record type in the future?  I
> >   would argue that such a migration is vanishingly unlikely.  If we
> > go
> >   this way, the payload contains a priority, a weight, and a URI, so
> > we
> >   have to encode everything but the priority inside a URI, opening a
> >   bunch of other inter-related questions:
> It is my preference to support a future migration to URI, even if we
> grant that such a trasition is vanishingly unlikely. Doing so adds no
> additional burden to our implementation since we already have to
> process a URI for KKDCP. Put short, we will have to write a parser for
> whatever format we use. Thus, I think our default should be to use a
> URI format unless there is a compelling reason not to.


> >   - Should we register a new URI scheme to represent TCP and UDP
> >     transports, or use the unregistered tcp: and udp: schemes as some
> >     other applications have done?
> >
> >   - Should we use a new URI scheme (probably the same one as above)
> > for
> >     MS-KKDCP, or should we just use the https: URI of the proxy?
> I do not have any strong preference for the format. Something like this
> might work:
> priority:weight:krbkdc:udp:host[:port]
> priority:weight:krbkdc:tcp:host[:port]
> priority:weight:krbkdc:tls:host[:port]
> priority:weight:krbkdc:kkdcp:http://host[:port][/path]
> priority:weight:krbkdc:kkdcp:https://host[:port][/path]

No particular preference here, so this format is fine to me.

> >   - Should we use fragment identifiers (#suffix) to indicate master-
> > ness
> >     and/or the transport type, or should we use a prefix?
> It is my preference to avoid fragments. Colon separation logic can't be
> reused for fragments, so we just add an additional parsing burden. I'd
> like to avoid this complexity.
> > * At the bikeshed level, what should we use as a separator between
> >   fields?  Is it more convenient for DNS administrators if we avoid
> >   using whitespace as a separator?
> As I said above, we already have to parse a URI for KKDCP, let's resuse
> this parsing logic. I'm against whitespace separators for this reason.

+1 on both points.

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