Kerberos transport DNS record design

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Thu May 26 11:12:58 EDT 2016

On 05/26/2016 10:39 AM, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
>> * Do we want to include master KDCs in the same query as normal KDCs,
>> or
>>   should they be in a separate record?  (Master KDCs are used as a
>>   fallback by the MIT client code when we receive a KDC error which
>>   could have resulted from out-of-date data due to propagation
>> delays.)
>>   - If we do communicate master KDCs in the same record, should it be
>>     possible to exclude a master KDC from the normal server list (so
>>     that it is only contacted if a normal KDC returns an error), or
>> is
>>     it sufficient to be able to assign master KDCs a low priority?
> If the only reason to specify a master KDC is as a last-ditch fallback,
> then priority should be sufficient.

Priority only affects the order in which KDCs are contacted when
higher-priority KDCs fail to answer at all.  Master KDCs are used as a
fallback if a non-master KDC returns an error like "preauth failed"
which could result from stale KDC data.

So, priority might be a sufficient alternative to "master only," but it
cannot handle the problem entirely.  If we do not include an indication
of master KDCs in the TXT record payload, we will have to make a second
query of another record to find them.  (In theory this query is only
necessary on failure, but currently the code does it whenever it gets a
KDC response.)

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