Looking for patch rebasing advice

Will Fiveash will.fiveash at oracle.com
Thu Jul 28 13:19:20 EDT 2016

In case someone has already figured out how to do this I would love to
know the best way to use git to rebase a set of OS specific source
patches say from MIT krb5 v1.14.2 to v1.14.3 (the patches apply cleanly
to 1.14.2).  What I've come across on the Internet that seems relevant
is: http://bec-systems.com/site/247/howto-use-a-git-topic-branch but
since I don't know git I'm not sure if those instructions are accurate.
So far I have done the following using an up to date clone of my krb5
repo fork of MIT's krb5:

1. cd into my local cloned repo and create a branch that has all the
   commits up to krb5-1.14.2-final (is this correct?):

$ git checkout -b krb5-1.14.2 krb5-1.14.2-final

2. With krb5-1.14.2 as the checked out branch do a git apply and git
   commit -a for each patch to be rebased so there is a separate commit
   in this branch for each patch.

At this point it's unclear to me as to whether I need to create another
branch based on the krb5-1.14.3-final tag and what command I should use
to rebase the patches.  Clear guidance for a git novice would be

Will Fiveash
Oracle Solaris Software Engineer

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