Project Governance / External Contributions

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Tue Nov 3 10:58:51 EST 2015

> Second, is there any plan to decentralize commit access to the
> project?

Let me answer this question first: we are open to adding project
committers who aren't working for MIT.  We would like all of our active
committers to bear a high level of project responsibility, including a
willingness to work on all areas of the code (or at least the Unix
code), to help with analysis of bug reports, to help with review of pull
requests, to participate in design discussions, to improve the
maintainability of existing code, and to enforce the project's coding
and version control practices.

> First, how will the project decide which features to adopt in the
> future going forward?

As before, these decisions will be made by the project's active
committers, weighing the benefit of new features against their
complexity and maintenance cost.  To the extent that any organizations
have influence on these judgments, that influence will depend on the
organization's contribution to the Kerberos ecosystem--which might
include development contributions, downstream distribution, consulting
activities which give insight into user requirements, etc.

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