Proposal for using NAPTR/URI records

Nathaniel McCallum npmccallum at
Tue Feb 24 13:19:50 EST 2015

On Tue, 2015-02-24 at 11:15 -0600, Nico Williams wrote:
> I should add that I'm assuming that an MITM wouldn't be able to get 
> away with modifying important bits of the protocol because we 
> authenticate all contents (or all that matters).  So the main 
> problem would be information leaks and other problems with getting 
> redirected, such as (stretching here) changing the trust anchors 
> that the AS' PKINIT cert is to get validated to.

MITM attack isn't a property limited only to MS-KKDCP. It is possible 
at pretty much every level. Any attack possible over MS-KKDCP is 
possible pretty much everywhere. In fact, I consider MS-KKDCP *more* 
secure given that it goes over TLS and the TLS connection is validated.

Frankly, I'd like to see us drop the TLS requirement for MS-KKDCP... 
But now I'm really stirring the pot. :)

The point is that Kerberos should always presume that transport is 
insecure. Given this, adding additional hoops for a transport that 
provides authenticated encryption for at least part of the journey 
seems wrong.


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