get_cred starting realm

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Wed Apr 29 17:54:51 EDT 2015

On 04/29/2015 02:05 PM, Nico Williams wrote:
>> * The caller asks for one cred to be stored, but the result is that two
>> creds are stored, as observed by the cache type and by future iterations.
> Eh, this already happens, no?  E.g., with the referral realm business.

Not inside the credential cache layer, no.  Those artifacts are created
by a higher layer (get_creds).

>> * If a caller copies a cache by iterating and storing, the cache type
>> for the destination might observe a start realm config entry being
>> stored twice (perhaps with different values), or perhaps only once,
>> depending on the iteration order for the source.
> Not if the source implements krb5_cc_remove_cred().

Even if the source implements krb5_cc_remove_cred().  The destination
cache may see one entry synthesized by the generic cache layer when the
local TGT is stored, and another when the start-realm config cred is
explicitly stored.  The first value could be wrong, and the destination
cache needs to be able to overwrite it with the second value.

Of course this only happens if the iteration over the source reaches the
local TGT (or a different local TGT!) before reaching the start-realm
config cred.

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