Replay cache avoidance

Nico Williams nico at
Mon Sep 1 22:38:09 EDT 2014

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 8:24 PM, Matt W. Benjamin <matt at> wrote:
>>    For example, NFS is such a protocol.  There's no need to use an
>>    rcache for the NFS service.
> Thank you for the confirmation.  This has come up as an an issue for us with MIT Krb5.

Although you need to beware of a subtlety I only mentioned in passing:
you need to be using a "newer" enctype, which means AES or Camellia
(see RFC4121).

For enctypes prior to RFC4121 there's no requirement that the
initiator use the sub-session key asserted by the acceptor.  (I forget
if RC4 does it always, and what the interop matrix looks like for
3DES.  1DES, of course, is out.)


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