FAST OTP Windows?

Christian M. Watts cmwatts at
Thu Jul 17 21:25:52 EDT 2014


We've deployed KRB5 1.12.1 here on the KDC side and gotten FAST OTP (via 
anonymous pkinit + Radius OTP) working for our UNIX clients. Looking for 
some information regarding getting FAST OTP working from a Windows 
client. I see that the current kfw (4.0.1) is based on 1.10, so it 
wouldn't have support for FAST OTP, is my understanding.

My thoughts are:

1. Is there a client for windows out there that can 'do' this already?

2. If not, is the windows source that comes with the 1.12.1 tarball 
updated for FAST OTP support? If it is, we can work on building it, but 
would like to know if the support is there before we go down that road.

Thanks in advance!


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