Support for Windows Server 2003 referrals

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 29 20:48:40 EST 2014

Nate Rosenblum <nater at> writes:

>> A wire trace would definitely be helpful.
> Happily:
> Here's an AS-REQ & error response for a login for `nater at`,
> an enterprise principal name. I've sent it to the domain controller for
> TEST2K3.QA.LOCAL, a lab testbed which as its name suggests is a Windows
> Server 2003 DC. The real account lives in the TEST2K8.QA.LOCAL domain, a
> member of the same forest.


Thanks for the trace.  Is this behavior documented in the MSDN Libray
by any chance?  I couldn't find it during a quick skim.  If it's not
documented, perhaps you could report that to Microsoft?

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