Support for Windows Server 2003 referrals

Nate Rosenblum nater at
Wed Jan 29 12:30:51 EST 2014

> I've submitted a pull request that allows referrals to work in Windows
> Server 2003 forests. The issue is described in the patch, but in short
> Server 2k3 uses the wrong error type (PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN) to indicate a
> referral. I speculate that this continues to be the case in later
> service releases for backwards compatibility, 2k3 predating the
> referrals draft, but don't really have any context.  Let me know if
> there are any questions.

Checking in to see whether there's anything I can clarify or do to help get
this compatibility patch merged. If reproducing the issue is a problem due
to lack of Windows Server 2k3 availability, I can capture a wire trace that
shows the non-compliant referral behavior of that implementation. Please
let me know.



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