MIT krb5 1.12.1 configure fails on AIX 6.1 and 7.1

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 27 11:01:59 EST 2014

On 01/27/2014 10:43 AM, yaberger at wrote:
> The same happens on AIX 6.1 TL8 SP3 with IBM XL C/C++
> AIX 5.3 TL12 SP8 with IBM XL C/C++ doesn't seem to have this 
> issue.

It looks like our src/config/shlib.conf recognizes AIX 4 and 5 but not 6
and 7.  The static library support in our build system is not
comprehensive enough to be used as an alternative to shared library support.

It's possible that the AIX 5 support would also work for AIX 6 and 7, if
there haven't been any significant changes to linking semantics since
AIX 5.  So you could try replacing the "*-*-aix5*)" line with
"*-*-aix[567]*)".  Let us know if it works.

(AIX is not one of our supported platforms as listed in
<>, but we are
willing to make some kinds of changes to make krb5 work on it; this
would obviously be one of them.)

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