Kerberos authentication in web projects

Mehmet Murat murat at
Wed Aug 13 07:51:35 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

I am trying develop a single sign on authentication mechanism using kerberos
for our web projects. Currently we use form authentication but we woud like
to change system for some reasons. We develop projects for university
systems whic has active directory and also domain controller and all servers
under this domain. I search for long time and read  many article and
document about kerberos but all of them has theoretical knowledge. I didnt
find any document about appyling kerberos authentication on web projects
also i dont know this is possible. In our case user which aren't log on
domain computer be able to access applications on authantication form with
user name and password. On this point we dont know;


How client authanticite with username and password on KDC programmatically ?

How ticket request sending to KDC programmatically ?

How client communicate with TGS programmatically ?

How user Identy information and kerberos ticket  sending from one project to
another ?



Can you help me about this questions ? If you have any code blocks, library
in c# please share with me.



Kind regards

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