krb5_cc_default crash

Tim Vega tvega at
Fri Aug 8 18:46:51 EDT 2014

I solved the issue, I neglected to add krb5cc32.dll to the apache bin folder.

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On Thu, 7 Aug 2014, Tim Vega wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to get S4U2proxy to work with mod_auth_kerb. I compiled the patch here,, into mod_auth_kerb but it crashes on a call to krb5_cc_default.
> The offending line is line 283 of stdcc.c:
> err = cc_initialize (&gCntrlBlock, ccapi_version_max, &gCCVersion, 
> NULL);
> Disassembly (the break is at the add instruction):
>         err = cc_initialize (&gCntrlBlock, ccapi_version_max, &gCCVersion, NULL);
> 6647164A  push        0
> 6647164C  push        offset _gCCVersion (665A5DE4h)
> 66471651  push        7
> 66471653  push        offset _gCntrlBlock (665A5DE0h)
> 66471658  call        dword ptr [_pcc_initialize (665A7048h)]
> 6647165E  add         esp,10h
> 66471661  mov         dword ptr [err],eax
> _pcc_initialize watched values:
>                                 _pcc_initialize    0x665a7048 _pcc_initialize           void *
>                                 *(long *)_pcc_initialize 0              long
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It somehow seems more likely that the crash would be inside
cc_initialize() than on the stack pointer adjustment after the call.
There is no information about ccapi_context.c available?  Is there information about a faulting address (e.g., NULL)?

I don't think there's a whole lot to go on, here.
I guess you should say whether you have NODEBUG defined in the krb5 build environment.


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