SSO Application needs username from GSSName (or GSSAPI)

amit amitsggs at
Fri Aug 1 03:02:51 EDT 2014


I am trying to use kerberos authentication using GSS-API in java.
We have following two methods to getGSSName once we get the TGT form KDC.

1. GSSCredential cred =
2. GSSName gssName = cred.getName();

The format of GSSName is <USERNAME>@<REALM_NAME>

As my application is using SSO, it does not have username and need to get it
from above mentioned GSSName.
We can have username including '@' character so simple cropping of string on
the basis of first existence of '@' character won't work as username can
have '@'.

So, the other way remains is to crop GSSName with the last existence of '@'
character in a string (if realm_name can not have '@' char).

Could anyone please help me in clarifying if we can have '@' character in
realm_name or not?
If realm_name can have '@' character, is there any other way to get USERNAME
from some GSSAPI?

Thank you,
Amit K

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