kerberos with ccselect plugin

Shao, Shuchao sshao at
Sun Sep 15 21:45:42 EDT 2013

Thanks for your reply.
The file is copied form the directory "krb5-1.10.6 /src/lib/krb5/ccache" after I compile the krb5-1.10.6 successfully.
The compiling steps are "./configure -enable-shared=yes;   make;   make install ".


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"Shao, Shuchao" <sshao at> writes:

> I want to use the ccselect plugin with Kerberos, but I always get the 
> error says that failed to load the The following is the 
> steps I take,

This file that you got (from where?) is not a valid plugin.
Judging from the file output, I suspect it's just a *.o file that's never been linked.

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