cc_initialize Crashing

Mohit Aggrawal mohit500 at
Wed May 22 02:39:38 EDT 2013

Hello Ben,

Yes!! the crash is at runtime. I have build the MIT Kerberos 1.10 library
using Visual studio 2005 .After that i build the SPS( Our Product) code
using this library , while testing the product i found that
it is crashing.I debugged it and find out that it is crashing in
cc_initialize function of Kerberos Library
in file stdcc.c (Line no 283).  Stack trace is given as

>    krb5_32.dll!stdccv3_setup(_krb5_context * context=0x19c5b6b0,
_stdccCacheData * ccapi_data=0x00000000)  Line 283    C
     krb5_32.dll!krb5_stdccv3_resolve(_krb5_context * context=0x19c5b6b0,
_krb5_ccache * * id=0x1a693108, const char * residual=0x19c56914)  Line 397
+ 0xb bytes    C
     krb5_32.dll!krb5_cc_resolve(_krb5_context * context=0x19c5b6b0, const
char * name=0x19c56910, _krb5_ccache * * cache=0x1a693108)  Line 242    C
     krb5_32.dll!krb5_cc_default(_krb5_context * context=0x19c5b6b0,
_krb5_ccache * * ccache=0x1a693108)  Line 60    C
     HTTPPlugin.dll!CSmKerberos::CredCache::Init()  Line 58 + 0x12 bytes
     HTTPPlugin.dll!CSmKerberos::CredCache::GetInstance()  Line 44 + 0xa
bytes    C++
     HTTPPlugin.dll!SmKcc::getCredentials()  Line 88 + 0x5 bytes    C++
     HTTPPlugin.dll!SmAdvancedAuthCore::GatherCredentials()  Line 117 +
0x13 bytes    C++

* pRequestCtxt=0x18e518f0, CSmFilterCtxt * pFilterCtxt=0x19c4c8b0)  Line
8693 + 0xb bytes    C++

after that when i tried to enter into the function cc_initialize. I am
getting a crash with the output as

java.exe': Loaded 'C:\CA\secure-proxy\agentframework\bin\krbcc32.dll',
Symbols loaded.
'java.exe': Unloaded 'C:\CA\secure-proxy\agentframework\bin\krbcc32.dll'
First-chance exception at 0x00000000 in java.exe: 0xC0000005: Access
'java.exe': Loaded 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dbghelp.dll', No symbols loaded.
'java.exe': Loaded 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\powrprof.dll', No symbols loaded.
'java.exe': Loaded 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\setupapi.dll', No symbols loaded.

Please let me know if you need any other details.

-Many Thanks

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 6:27 AM, Benjamin Kaduk <kaduk at> wrote:

> On Tue, 21 May 2013, Mohit Aggrawal wrote:
>  Hello All,
>> I  am using krb 1.10.5  build on Visual studio 2005 SP1. The Cache
>> initialization function cc_initialize in the file stdcc.c (Line no 283)
>>  is
>> crashing . Please let me know if anybody has faced this problem .??
>> Any suggestion for fixing the issue will be helpful.
> It is unclear to me -- this crash is at runtime, not a compilation error?
> What application is crashing, and is there more of an error message
> present?
> -Ben

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