Setting default key table file for Kerberos server

Vipul Mehta vipulmehta.1989 at
Tue Mar 5 06:46:28 EST 2013


I want to set the default keytab to be used by Kerberos server side ( will
accept security context ).

In windows the default key table is : *C:\Windows\krb5kt*

This can be changed by :
1) using *KRB5_KTNAME* environment variable.
2) specifying *deafult_keytab_name* in krb5 conf file libdefaults section.

But i don't want to use either of the above two approach. I want it to be
set from the code itself ( passing the default key table as an argument ).

I found a function :* **krb5_init_creds_set_keytab()** *in the
documentation which might solve my problem. But i am not able to understand
its use and the meaning of *krb5_init_creds_context* argument in this

Is there any other function or approach to solve this problem ?


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