Question about developing a Java Based kadmin client

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Mon Jul 22 14:30:59 EDT 2013

To all,

I have a requirement to create a java based application that will add, modify, and delete principals and/or their passwords in our MIT V5 Kerberos.  Our current version of this is a hodge-podge of Perl and Expect which occasionally runs into some issues with disconnections to kadmind when the load gets high.  I am new to Java development and this is one of my first assignments.  I have been going over what documentation that I have found but I haven't found exactly what I need.  In particular it appears that If I wish to remotely connect to kadmind I should achieve this via encrypted RPC.  Is there some documentation out there on implementing using RPC?  As well, I can run the Java code concurrently on the Master server.  I have "goggle" searched myself to death here and I am not making much traction.

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