Want to clarify some general concepts of GSS-API kerberos programming

monish A a.monish at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 03:31:24 EST 2013

I am new to GSS-API. And I am in a project, whose goal is to make a KERBEROS implementation.I read the application developers documentation in MIT's - http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/krb5-latest/doc/appdev/index.html link. And also read RFC-2744 GSS-API C BINDINGS. My question is,* KERBEROS protocol consists of-       AS-REQ, AS-REP, TGS_REQ, TGS-REP, AP-REQ, AP-REP* GSS-API consists of -      credential management routines(eg. gss_acquire_cred), context-level routines(eg. gss_init_sec_context) etc
How to make use of GSS-API routines to implement kerberos?Since, I donot see any- TICKET producing routines, TIMESTAMP embedding routines etc which are there in kerberos?
Thanks in advance. 		 	   		  

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