How to make use of gssrpc API on windows OS from krb5 package?

Jitendra Sayanekar jsayanekar at
Fri Jan 18 09:41:22 EST 2013

Hello KrbDev Team,

I need some help to understand how to use gssrpc API's for one of the
windows application that i an building.

Please refer below details to understand problem that i am facing.

I could able to build
windows OS as per instruction provided in "windows/README.txt" file.

I wanted to make use of following functions for one of the application.

#define clntraw_create                      gssrpc_clntraw_create

#define clnt_create                            gssrpc_clnt_create

#define clnttcp_create                       gssrpc_clnttcp_create

#define clntudp_create                     gssrpc_clntudp_create

#define clntudp_bufcreate               gssrpc_clntudp_bufcreate

#define clnt_pcreateerror                gssrpc_clnt_pcreateerror

#define clnt_spcreateerror               gssrpc_clnt_spcreateerror

#define clnt_perrno                           gssrpc_clnt_perrno

#define clnt_perror                            gssrpc_clnt_perror

#define clnt_sperror                          gssrpc_clnt_sperror

These functions are defined in .c file present at

I could not found any library file that can be used to import functionality
for my application.

I induced some compilation error in one of the .c file from this path and
recompiled the krb5 package.

Source could recompile successfully hence I believe, library for these
files is not getting build. Because of this I cannot make use of this
functionality for windows OS.

*Please provide some pointers on how I can build library using these file.
I believe Makefile need to modify for this.*

As seen from the present at
"\krb5-1.11-signed\krb5-1.11\krb5-1.11\src\" gssrpc path is
under Exclude section.


*Any idea why gssrpc is under exclude section?*


                include/iprop.h \

                include/k5-platform.h \

                include/gssrpc \

Appreciate your help on this.



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