Can Internet Explorer generate a forwardable tgt without PAC data in it?

Srinivas Cheruku Srinivas.Cheruku at
Wed Aug 14 09:56:17 EDT 2013

Hi All,

When UserAccountControl flag TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION is set on the computer account of the service, then the Internet Explorer is able to sent the forwarable tgt to the service.
When UserAccountControl flag NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED is set on the computer account of the service, then the service ticket returned is without PAC data which is good.

We have a constrain on the length of the Authorization Header that can be sent across and so when NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED flag is set, the Authorization Header length was reduced.
But, we want to reduce the length further and we were wondering whether it is possible to get the forwardable tgt without PAC data included in it.

Any ideas on how can we achieve this.


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