threads and contexts and allocations and frees

Chris Hecker checker at
Tue Apr 16 20:45:24 EDT 2013

As I've discussed here (and on kerberos@) before, I run most of my 
interactions with the KDC in a worker thread so I don't ever block the 
main thread.  Both threads have their own contexts, and I'm careful not 
to access krb5 objects at the same time from two threads.  However, I 
just realized I'm being a little sloppy with some krb5 object 
allocations.  For example, if the creds are cached, I'll call 
krb5_get_credentials on the main thread, with KRB5_GC_CACHED and the 
creds structure.  However, if the creds aren't cached or are invalid, 
I'll call krb5_get_credentials on the worker thread to talk to the KDC, 
and it'll allocate the creds structure and send it back to the main 
thread.  On shutdown, I usually call krb5_free_creds on the main thread, 
regardless of which thread+context was used when allocating the creds.

How bad is this?  I could store the worker thread version of the creds, 
then copy them on the main thread, then delete them back on the worker 
thread, but yuck.  A cursory glance at the code shows it probably 
doesn't matter, but want to be sure.


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