krb5-1.11-beta1 is available (resend)

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 26 16:05:49 EST 2012

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This is a resend because the previous posting went out right before
the U.S. Thanksgiving holidays.

MIT krb5-1.11-beta1 is now available for download from

The main MIT Kerberos web page is

Please send comments to the krbdev list.  The final release will
probably occur in mid-December.  The README file contains a more
extensive list of changes.

Major changes in 1.11
Additional background information on these changes may be found at


Code quality:

* Improve ASN.1 support code, making it table-driven for decoding as
  well as encoding

* Refactor parts of KDC

Developer experience:

* Documentation consolidation

* Add a new API krb5_kt_have_content() to determine whether a keytab
  exists and contains any entries.

* Add a new API krb5_cccol_have_content() to determine whether the
  ccache collection contains any credentials.

* Add a new API krb5_kt_client_default() to resolve the default client

* Add new APIs gss_export_cred and gss_import_cred to serialize and
  unserialize GSSAPI credentials.

* Add a krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_in_ccache() option.

* Add get_cc_config() and set_cc_config() clpreauth callbacks for
  getting string attribute values from an in_ccache and storing them
  in an out_ccache, respectively.

* Add a plugin interface for GSSAPI interposer mechanisms.

* Add an optional responder callback to the krb5_get_init_creds
  functions. The responder callback can consider and answer all
  preauth-related questions at once, and can process more complicated
  questions than the prompter.

* Add a method to the clpreauth interface to allow modules to supply
  response items for consideration by the responder callback.

* Projects/Password_response_item

* Add GSSAPI extensions to allow callers to specify credential store
  locations when acquiring or storing credentials

* Add a new API krb5_kt_client_default() to resolve the default client

Administrator experience:

* Documentation consolidation

* Add parameter expansion for default_keytab_name and
  default_client_keytab_name profile variables.

* Add new default_ccache_name profile variable to override the
  built-in default credential cache name.

* Add configure-time support for changing the built-in ccache and
  keytab names.

* Add krb5-config options for displaying the built-in ccache and
  keytab names.

* In the default build, use the system's built-in ccache and keytab
  names if they can be discovered using krb5-config.

* Add support for a "default client keytab". Its location is
  determined by the KRB5_CLIENT_KTNAME environment variable, the
  default_client_keytab profile relation, or a hardcoded path (TBD).

* GSSAPI initiator applications can now acquire credentials
  automatically from the default client keytab, if one is available.

* Add client support for FAST OTP (RFC 6560)

End-user experience:

* Documentation consolidation

* Store metadata in the ccache about how a credential was acquired, to
  improve the user's experience when reacquiring

* Projects/Extensible_Policy


* Improve KDC lookaside cache performance

Protocol evolution:

* Add client support for FAST OTP (RFC 6560)

* Build Camellia encryption support by default
Version: GnuPG v1.4.8 (SunOS)


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