Commits to krb5-appl

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 21 17:13:31 EDT 2012

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Hudson <ghudson at MIT.EDU> writes:

    Greg> On 03/20/2012 08:58 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
    >> It looks like I have commit access to the krb5-appl repository.
    >> Should I just go ahead and commit these?  If so, should I create
    >> tickets for them as well, or just commit?

    Greg> Yes, you can commit them.  I don't think we need tickets for
    Greg> changes this small.  (They may get backported to the release
    Greg> branch, but krb5-appl is sleepy enough that we don't need to
    Greg> use the ticketing system to track backport-eligible commits.)

I kind of wonder if it's sleepy enough that a release branch does more
harm than good.
Or at least whether you want a new release branch for every point
I can see possibly having a branch while stabilizing something, but it
seems like you more or less want any trunk changes since the last
release for any new release of something as low-churn as krb5-appl.


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