Concerns about the Response_set interface

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 19 08:14:22 EDT 2012

Hi.  I think I understand what you're roughly trying to accomplish.  I
was a bit confused by your details, because my understanding of the
current state is somewhat different from yours, but I think I did
understand the problem fairly well.

We had a long discussion of this on the call Tuesday.  Nathaniel
unfortunately was not there, although Simo was.

Those of us on the call believed we had a proposal that addressed my
concerns and nico's concerns and is very similar to Nathaniel's
proposal.  If we understand his messages (and we think at least we do)
the only thing we expect him to object to is that our proposal involves
somewhat more  marshalling than his proposal.

Greg, are you writing up notes from the meeting or do I need to do that?

We also had great progress on Simo's credential store proposal. For
example Simo explained to Nico and I why the credential store stuff is
not the same as initial credential acquisition. ONce he made his
explanation, it was really obvious  what we were missing.

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