krb5 commit: Automatically create DIR ccache directories

Benjamin Kaduk kaduk at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 12 09:15:45 EDT 2012

On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Greg Hudson wrote:

> commit b700a332dd835affa78b60089b9de5c79a8c689e
> Author: Greg Hudson <ghudson at>
> Date:   Wed Jul 11 13:22:09 2012 -0400
>    Automatically create DIR ccache directories
>    If the directory for a DIR ccache doesn't exist yet, try to create it
>    (but not its parents) with mode 700.  Exercise this in test scripts by
>    not pre-creating directories.

Do we still have test scripts that do pre-create directories?
(Do we have test scripts that are expected to fail because an existing 
directory has bad permissions?)


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