Proposed platform assumption changes

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Sat Jan 28 12:51:22 EST 2012


Everything you said made sense to me w/a couple of exceptions:

1) aborting malloc: I am opposed to this change.  By having malloc abort, it makes any process using krb5 unable to deal with memory pressure.  It is not universally acceptable to force processes to abort just because of memory pressure.

2) field initializers: I think that it is important for krb5 to keep supporting MSVC.  I would defer changing this until MS releases a compiler w/support for this.  (I am not sure as to the current status and future support for this from MS.  I know that they had some post w/changes in the next compiler (to be released this year, IIRC), but I did not find it.)

- Danilo

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