Proposed platform assumption changes

Henning Horst horst.h at
Wed Feb 1 04:06:50 EST 2012

On 01/31/2012 08:37 PM, Greg Hudson wrote:
> * Sam raised concerns about linking against -lpthread from libkrb5 as
> opposed to using weak references.  No one raised concerns about simply
> removing the ENABLE_THREADS conditional, although the small amount of
> code saved may not be not worth it.  So I don't think we'll make any
> changes there.

Hi All,

sorry for the late response - just got round to read through all mails.

Regarding the ENABLE_THREADS conditional:

One of the obscure platforms I have to build Kerberos on is the HP
NonStop platform on which multithreading is done is a very NonStop
specific way without using the "standard" threading mechanisms. So I
would appreciate it very much if the ENABLE_THREADS conditional was
kept, especially if - as Greg said - the benefits of removing may not be
worth it.

And let me say - thanks for your work on such a great piece of software
- both are very much appreciated!



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