Getting the right error code in tryagain client pre-auth interface

Alejandro Perez Mendez alex at
Mon Aug 6 06:11:03 EDT 2012


when implementing the "tryagain" callback, I need to check whether the 
error code is the one I'm expecting to deal with (in my case, 
KRB5KDC_ERR_MORE_PREAUTH_DATA_REQUIRED). The numeric value of code is 91.

The problem is that, in order to make it work with the other functions, 
I had to define that constant not as 91, but as:

    #define KRB5KDC_ERR_MORE_PREAUTH_DATA_REQUIRED   (-1765328293L)

    which was the value assigned to KRB5PLACEHOLD_91

Thus, I cannot use that constant to check the error->error value in the 
"tryagain" callback, since that parameter takes the 91 value, not the 
-1765328293L one.

Is this an error, and the error->error value should be -1765328293L, or 
should I "preprocess" the value to make it match the one in the #define?


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