The krb5 source repository is migrating to Git

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 26 20:26:24 EDT 2012

You may want to pay particular attention to the following if you
interact with our krb5-anonsvn repository on GitHub.

We are preparing to migrate the main krb5 source repository from
Subversion to Git, so that we can benefit from the capabilities of a
modern distributed version control system.  There will be a primary
read/write Git repository that committers can access, and a read-only
Git repository on GitHub for public access.  The target date for the
cutover is the weekend of May 11.

We are pleased that collaborators have forked our existing
krb5-anonsvn repository on GitHub for their own work and
contributions.  We created the krb5-anonsvn repository using a mostly
unaltered run of "git svn clone", but our new official Git repository
will have history edits to make log messages more readable in typical
Git tools, so these two repositories will have disjoint histories.  If
you are basing work off of the krb5-anonsvn repository on GitHub, you
should probably rebase your work to the new Git repository once the
cutover is complete.

We have set up a test repository on GitHub from a snapshot of the krb5
Subversion repository from about a week ago.  To produce this test
repository, we used the same conversion script that we expect to use
during the actual cutover.  You are encouraged to use this test
repository to test the migration of your own work off of the
krb5-anonsvn repository.

Be warned that there is a small chance that we will need to alter the
conversion script, so the commit hashes in the test repository might
not be stable.  However, at this time, we do not anticipate any
changes in the commit hashes between the current state of the test
repository and the final cutover.

This test repository is on GitHub at

For somewhat complex reasons, rebasing a branch from krb5-anonsvn to
the new repository will likely not work unless you use the "--onto"
option of "git rebase".  We can work on migration guides if we hear
about people encountering difficulties with rebasing their work onto
the test repository.

We have some draft procedures for interacting with the new Git
repository at

Some additional details about the migration process are at

We will post further details about the migration as we approach the
cutover date.  Please let us know if you have any questions or
concerns about this source repository migration.  Thanks.

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