GSS memory allocation initial cut for review

Kevin Wasserman krwasserman at
Thu Sep 29 10:23:50 EDT 2011

Thanks Jeff for taking the time to respond.  I appreciate your feedback.
You are correct that we were imagining that a mechanism library might
be loaded as a plugin for more than one mechglue and that would
make it difficult for the mechanism to determine which mechglue's
allocator to invoke.  It sounds like you would prefer that mechanisms 
be built to target a particular mechglue.  The current problem 
is that mechanisms have a tendency to do the following for buffers 
they hand back to the glue:
buffer->value = malloc(size);
I think we all agree that has the potential to be very bad on windows.
We just want that to change to 
buffer->value = gssalloc_malloc(size);

If you actually need to recompile for every mechglue you want to 
target, then you can pretty easily change gssalloc_malloc() to do 
whatever is appropriate for that mechglue, so I don't see that what 
we're proposing for MIT would force anyone else to do anything in 

-Kevin Wasserman

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