krb5-1.9.1 compilation errors on NetBSD

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 15 15:38:22 EDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 13:45 -0400, Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> init_ctx.c:134:5: error: implicit declaration of function 'krb5int_initialize_library' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

The declaration for this function comes from ../krb5_libinit.h, which is
included like this:

#if defined(unix) || TARGET_OS_MAC
#include "../krb5_libinit.h"

>From memory, NetBSD is one of the few platforms which doesn't define
"unix" in order to better comply with POSIX and ANSI namespace
standards.  So, that conditional is broken for NetBSD.

In the trunk code (as of April 2011), we include that header
unconditionally.  I'll file a ticket to backport that change to 1.9.

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