For review: GSS memory allocation patches

Kevin Wasserman krwasserman at
Thu Oct 13 13:01:41 EDT 2011

>This appears to modify util/gss-kernel-lib/deps by hand to include
>dependencies on gssapi_alloc.h, even though it doesn't create any actual
>dependencies on that header from any other source files or headers.

I think Sam mentioned having to do that (to bootstrap dependency 
generation on unix ?); maybe he can explain better.

>gssapi_alloc.h has an uncuddled left brace on line 18.

Sorry, I can't seem to get used to that style for some reason; will fix.

>What is the purpose of the change to the generic_gss_copy_oid_set
>prototype at line 320?  As far as I know, adding a "const" there is
>meaningless since it just makes the parameter variable read-only.

It makes the function definition in oid_ops.c match the prototype 
and thus avoids a compiler warning.  Looking at the history, 
it seemed like the previous change to remove 'const' was an 
oversight that occurred when the variable name was commented 
out, so I put it back, but I have no personal preference whether
it's removed altogether; I just want the mismatched parameter
warning to go away.  I had put a note about that in my local 
commit, but lost it when I rebased; sorry.

I'll take care of the other uncuddled brace and the README as well


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