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>> CLI
>> ---
>> kinit and kdestroy can be used to manage multiple ccaches using the -c
>> flag, but it's not very convenient. ?The only previous work I'm aware
>> of in this area is in KfM, which has the following extensions:
>> * "kinit principal" scans the collection for a ccache for principal,
>> ?and creates a new unique CCAPI ccache if one doesn't exist.
>> * "klist -A" lists creds for all ccaches in the collection.
>> * "kdestroy -A" destroys all ccaches in the collection. ?"kdestroy -p
>> ?principal" scans the collection for a ccache for principal and
>> ?destroys it.
>> * "kswitch -c ccname" or "kswitch -p princname" sets the default
>> ?ccache in the collection. ?(In the normal case this translates into
>> ?a message to the CCAPI daemon. ?When KRB5CCNAME is set the semantics
>> ?are confusing to me and possibly broken.)

I'm perplexed as to why this is being revisited.  MIT implemented this stuff (for Apple) quite a long time ago.  It works quite nicely (when I need it).

Now if only Apple hadn't destroyed the Kerberos GUI, and kept the (very nicely functional) MIT-written one.

I wouldn't mind if things could be made better, but I'd settle for restoring what was and making it cross-platform (which I thought was the plan, back then).

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