securid_sam2 plugin

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 8 20:54:24 EST 2011

>>>>> "John" == John Devitofranceschi <jdvf at> writes:

    John> I have been wrestling with the securid_sam2 pluginfrom krb5
    John> 1.9 on a Solaris 10 (Update 7) x86 system, using version 8.1
    John> of the RSA Authentication Agent API.

    John> No matter what I do, the plugin causes krb5kdc to crash
    John> (SIGSEGV with core) during the AceInitialze call, while
    John> gathering entropy from the system.

Not testing on Solaris and tested with a much older version of the RSA
I don't think I still have access to the test environment I used so I
cannot dig out the RSA SDK version that was used.

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