message size incompatible with type error for krb5-1.9 lib using Windows 2003 KDC

Elzey, Blaine A (Blaine) blaine.elzey at
Wed Feb 16 13:06:19 EST 2011

Using adsiedit to manually modify the UserAccountControl Integer to include the NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED bit (2097664 + 33554432 = 35652096) and that did not work.  Perhaps my Win2003SP2 still needs some Hotfix, but my dll versions are newer than the what is specified in the article.  The Hotfix download page said the release was Windows 2003 SP1 (x86), but I have 2003 SP2 (x86).  The UserAccountControl value that works is 6291968, set no preauth for user from account properties.  Is there another way to set the NO_AUTH_DATA_REQ other than adsiedit or did I need to perform some refresh to make the adsiedit change take affect?  I am reluctant to apply the Hotfix. 

>From the Hotfix KB:
Date         Time   Version       Size     File name
   14-Sep-2004  16:26  5.2.3790.210  226,816  Kdcsvc.dll
   14-Sep-2004  16:26  5.2.3790.210  324,608  Netapi32.dll
   14-Sep-2004  16:26  5.2.3790.210  464,384  Samsrv.dll

I have:
kdcsvc.dll       5.2.3790.3959
netapi32.dll    5.2.3790.3959
samsrv.dll       5.3.3790.3959


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