[RFC][PATCH] krb5 => libverto main loop

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 18 19:18:46 EDT 2011

I'd like to understand what this patch will do to the external
dependencies for MIT Kerberos.  I don't really mind that much depending
on a new library, especially if it ends up in util with a
--with-system-blah option.
I don't mind depending on stable long-standing versions of libraries
that are widely available  like say a 3 year old glib.

However people build MIT krb5 on fairly old platforms and are not going
to appreciate having to replace existing system libraries to do it.  I'd
kind of expect that 1.11 would still build on Solaris 10, RHEL (6 is
current, right?),Debian lenny and Ubuntu hardie. I think after 1.11 we
can probably drop all those platforms with the possible exception of
RHEL5 (not sure how old that is).

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