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Nico Williams nico at cryptonector.com
Tue Apr 5 14:58:11 EDT 2011

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 1:44 PM,  <g.w at hurderos.org> wrote:
> Very interesting work but I need to catch up a bit.  I assume we as a
> community are no longer shouting down the thought of kerberos ticket
> mediated transmission of authorization information as the incarnation
> of evil....? :-)
> That seemed to be the case 8 years ago or so when we were working on
> the problem of identity linked service authorization assertions.

Perhaps what you remember is Slashdot.  The Kerberos community as I
joined it in 2001 didn't mind the use of Kerberos authz-data at all,
and I suspect it didn't mind it in 2000 either.

> There seemed to be a plethora of issues raised surrounding the
> inability of anything in the ecosystem to handle kerberos tickets
> which enclosed auth_data encoded payloads.  If I remember correctly
> the thought of loading any type of XML data as authorization
> information was voiced as profoundly repugnant.

As a colleague just wrote to me, you could just shorten that last to
"XML is repugnant" (mind you, I only think it is repugnant for
encoding messages, not for documents, though I realize that that
distinction can be quite subtle.  However, it is too late for that.
Or you might insist on using FastInfoSet.  Whatever.  The choice of
encoding is really not that important, and in this case gets dictated
by external issues that Luke et. al. have no control over.

> >From the last pair of quoted paragraphs above it would seem the KDC
> will now be involved in what amounts to authorization policy
> decisions.  I'm assuming the KDC will simply issue a naked ticket if
> any aspect of the assertion verification fails?

I don't agree (well, except in the case of credential delegation, but
that was already true anyways).  The KDC doesn't make access control
decisions so much as enable the making of access control decisions
based on ticket authz-data.

> We had the KDC involved in the authorization process and I distinctly
> remember Sam Hartman's objection that this was a serious security
> problem as it was the KDC's intrinsic duty to always issue a properly
> formed ticket based only on the presentation of an authentication
> credential.  I noted with interest when I read all the Moonshot
> documentation that Sam's Painless was engaged for Moonshot's
> feasibility analysis.

See above.

> I found it interesting that we now have, potentially, a Shibboleth
> server, an LDAP directory server, a radius server and a KDC involved
> in the authorization decision process.  It seems, as an industry, we
> are still fighting complexity problems arising from not having a
> sufficiently refined definition for identity.

This approach allows identity to be scaled to just a set of attribute
values.  This is quite useful from a privacy protection point of view.


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