PACs (was: Re: Delegation and Moonshot)

Luke Howard lukeh at
Tue Apr 5 10:39:47 EDT 2011

>> I think I'll stick with -- given I
>> worked on that code for quite a few years ;-)
> Last I heard was that it was pretty difficult to separate
> the pure [un]marshalling routines to and from blobs from
> the RPC engine. Has that changed?

I added support for Microsoft Encoding Services (as used in the PAC) back in 2003, although this wasn't available until Novell open sourced it in 2007. It's in the code, as part of the IDL library. 

The flag you want for the PAC is IDL_ES_MIDL_COMPAT (which turns MES compatibility on). IDL_ES_NO_HEADER gets you the raw NDR data.

-- Luke

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