X-CACHECONF in cache type 0504

Tim Alsop Tim at cybersafe.com
Fri Nov 19 12:14:50 EST 2010


I used MIT 1.8.1 to get TGT. I captured and analyzed the network traffic
using wireshark, and this is what I found:

AS-REQ send to AD
KRB-ERROR returned, with PREAUTH_REQUIRED. The padata contained
AS-REP received from AD.

So, above looks normal. There is no padata seen suggesting that the KDC
supports FAST, but when I look at the ticket cache I see:

[talsop at shrek ~]$ /opt/mitkrb5-1.6.3/bin/klist
Ticket cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_4000
Default principal: talsop at DEV.LOCAL

Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
11/19/10 17:10:47  11/20/10 03:06:09  krbtgt/DEV.LOCAL at DEV.LOCAL
 renew until 11/20/10 17:10:47
01/01/70 01:00:00  01/01/70 01:00:00
krb5_ccache_conf_data/fast_avail/krbtgt\/DEV.LOCAL\@DEV.LOCAL at X-CACHECONF:

Kerberos 4 ticket cache: /tmp/tkt4000
klist: You have no tickets cached
[talsop at shrek ~]$ 

I therefore conclude that MIT 1.8.1 has a bug. Or, we have compiled it on
our system and something went wrong during the compile/link/install phase
- unlikely, but possible...


On 19/11/2010 16:50, "Tim Alsop" <Tim at CyberSafe.com> wrote:

>Ok, thanks.
>Next I am going to capture data between MIT 1.8.1 kinit and MS AD, to find
>out why this cache entry is being written, when KDC does not support FAST
>On 19/11/2010 16:43, "Greg Hudson" <ghudson at mit.edu> wrote:
>>On Fri, 2010-11-19 at 11:27 -0500, Tim Alsop wrote:
>>> Ok, so we can use krb5_ccache_conf_data at the start with the
>>> as realm, but the data between these two elements can be anything we
>>> e.g. This is valid and acceptable if found in a cache:
>>> krb5_ccache_conf_data/foo/bar/hello/world at X-CACHECONF:
>>Well, any service principal is valid and acceptable according to the
>>cache format.
>>To work with the Heimdal/MIT krb5_cc_get_config API, the principal must
>>have three components: "krb5_ccache_conf_data", the config key, and the
>>unparsed name of the cache's default client principal.

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