X-CACHECONF in cache type 0504

Tim Alsop Tim at cybersafe.com
Fri Nov 19 04:15:30 EST 2010

On 19/11/2010 05:52, "Greg Hudson" <ghudson at MIT.EDU> wrote:

>For the purposes of ignoring config entries in our klist, we recognize
>config entries if they match both the realm (X-CACHECONF:) and the first
>component of the name (krb5_ccache_conf_data).

Is above only true for MIT implementation ? E.g. If/when Heimdal or
ourselves (CyberSafe) want to store config data in cache, can we use
different component name and realm name ?

Also, is this config data described in a draft or RFC, or is it 100%
proprietary to MIT code ?


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