Phil Ehrens pehrens at ligo.caltech.edu
Fri May 28 14:25:08 EDT 2010

Hi Folks,

I am interested in creating a SWIG interface to
provide a generic library of useful Kerberos actions,
and I need some help to get started.

I had no trouble wrapping krb5_get_init_creds_password
to do password verification, but I would also like to
wrap the kadmin functions.

There are a few usable interfaces to these functions
for various scripting languages, but I think a generic
SWIG wrapper would be a far more useful thing, and far
more attractive to maintainers.

I think that with a little nudge from somebody here
I can get on with things in earnest.

If someone could provide me with pseudocode or a C
function that contains all the krb5 calls required
to do a "get_query" call and clean up afterwards,
I think I would be able to do the rest. I'm just
having a hard time picking out the required call

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