kinit always specifies all available etypes in AS-REQ

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Mon May 24 13:13:38 EDT 2010

+1 as a desirable feature.

I have a specially-built kinit that reads the list of enctypes and modifies what's sent to the KDC accordingly.  Other people have spoken up on this issue in the past.

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> Subject: kinit always specifies all available etypes in AS-REQ?
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> Hi All
> kinit can use a keytab file to request for a TGT. My keytab only includes keys for several etypes, but it seems kinit still includes all supported etypes in the AS-REQ message. When the KDC (Windows Server 2008) sends back the preauth challenge listing aes256-cts (which I don't have in my keytab) as the first etype in PA-ETYPE-INFO2, kinit fails saying --
>  kinit: Key table entry not found while getting initial credentials
> If preauth is disabled, KDC simply sends back a TGT with session key encrypted with aes256-cts, and kinit shows the same error.
> Why can't kinit only specifies the etypes in the keytab at the beginning? Is this a feature or a bug?
> I'm using 1.7 on Ubuntu.
> Thanks
> Weijun

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