krbcc32s.exe and Windows Scheduled Tasks

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Thu May 20 11:40:45 EDT 2010

It appears that if any KfW command is used by a Scheduled task,
the command will start krbcc32s. But when the task finishes, the
krbcc32s continues to run. This is on Windows 2003 SP2 with KfW

The commands being used in the task are ms2mit and aklog to use
the ticket obtained be the task to get an AFS token.

The KfW 3.2.2 source architecture.txt and implementation.txt say
the Auto-Termination feature was never added.

We are starting to test using kdestroy and the krbcc32s -k option
to kill the process after the aklog.

What should the behavior of krbcc32s be when the scheduled task

I assume windows sends some notification event to any processes
that are part of the task. Is krbcc32s.exe failing to respond
to the event?

Is this fixed in later versions? I don't see anything in the
3.2.2 release notes about this issue. Other then "In fact, you
generally should never have to kill krbcc32s."


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